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Electricity costs in Alberta are rising. As coal electricity generation is being phased out and converted to natural gas, there is nowhere for the rates to go except up. Wind and solar are excellent supplements, but alone they aren’t enough to power our future. When electricity costs rise, how will it impact your business? We decided it is time to take action and take back our energy future.

United Energy is a locally owned and operated energy service provider; we provide you with equipment to lower your energy costs.

United Energy provides energy auditing, consulting, management, engineering and project execution services, focused on deploying energy management and generation equipment to reduce energy costs for customers—anchored in our core offering of on-site small-scale co-generation systems.  These systems are manufactured locally, allowing us to offer a significant cost advantage over other manufacturers.

Our expertise is in combined heat and power/co-generation, systems analysis, design and implementation of holistic energy solutions, and other integrated solutions such as power factor management, solar, demand management, and energy efficiency upgrades.  We are technology agnostic and can work with clients to develop solutions that fit their needs.

We own, install, and maintain the equipment at no expense to you! It is a hassle free engagement. If you prefer though, we have options for you to purchase all or part of the equipment from us, to further maximize your savings. But don’t worry, we will still take care of the maintenance and upgrades of the equipment at no additional cost to you.

What is Combined Heat and Power Technology?

Combined Heat and Power technology (sometimes called Cogeneration) allows us to recapture energy as heat, increasing the overall efficiency of your power delivery, thereby reducing wasted energy and wasted money.  You can also benefit from having backup power capability on site, while enjoying a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

This is how the conventional electricity grid works in Alberta. Notice all the efficiency losses. By the time the electricity gets to you, it is 32 – 38% efficient.

It has lost nearly 70% of the useful energy!

Now, look at the efficiency gains from the United Energy electricity grid. With potential up to 90% efficiency, there is room to realize significant savings.

What will my bill look like?

Your utility bill will look similar to your existing bill, but will be simpler and less money!

Do you want to save money on your utility bill?

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